After that point, she goes back to her palace and accepts the princess life laid before her, until, via the incidents with the suitors, she can't take it anymore, irrevocably asks to be taken away from this world, and then it's just a matter of making peace with her regrets and saying goodbye. He believes much of the second act in Princess Kaguya is directionless and without a clear theme guiding it. I know how you feel man. CÓ THỂ BẠN MUỐN XEM. Like our corporeal bodies that still exist after our soul has exited, Kaguya puts on the robe of the moon and departs... Kaguya cannot remain on earth just like Sutemaru can't realistically leave his family. The movie does at points seem directionless, but so is life, especially to a person like Kaguya who allows those around her to guide her actions. The more I think about it the more unique that ending was for me. I think Takahata is suggesting that in order to live, humans must surrender to the cycle of joy and sorrow, instead of trying to find a way through it. TVB. I couldn't stop the tears for a good fifteen minutes. Like in life you usually don't learn to do the most with the time you're given until it's too late. I think the film is a successful film based on what its intentions are (or seem to be). The movie was fantastic. I recommend you to watch the film documentary because you'll appreciate the movie even more after knowing the work and process that go towards this film. So you have this curious, joyous, amazing girl, and everyone around her just wants to iron that out and treat her as an object and force upon her their ideas of how they think she should be. But even then I too was fighting tears at the end. Noticed the setting was cold, flurry, and sorrow -- that made her, rebelled and flown down to Earth. On a kind of side note. Kaguya reacts this way, taking her life for granted until this very moment. Sort: Relevant Newest # when marnie was there # my neighbor totoro # kikis delivery service # wolf children # movies # film # cinema # studio ghibli # cinderella # hayao miyazaki # nichijou # when marnie was there # kill la kill Category: ANIME Tagged: anime anitime ghibli studio isao takahata movie review the tale of princess kaguya Anitime ติดตามเรื่องราวที่น่าสนใจเกี่ยวกับแวดวงการ์ตูนและวัฒนธรรมญี่ปุ่นกับอนิไทม์! Then the celestial beings on Moon brought her back to the mansion to have her experiences sufferings. And above all you will get premium content of online streaming services for free. And we also both agree there are large portions of the film that, while exceptional, distract from the message of the film and draw out the story. A consensus my friend and I came to was that, while this section is entertaining, it is overly long and doesn't seem to add much to the story in terms of themes and development of the main character. It was major-key cheery, but strangely and eerily flat and sad. All you need is a stable internet connection and a bigger device/screen to fully enjoy full movies online. This is very much like getting a cancer diagnosis out of the blue - immediately life becomes more valuable and you start to regret what you haven't done. I'm very glad I watched the original. Kaguya could have run off with the one suitor who actually understood the triviality of formalities and value of nature. Old thread, but I decided to watch it for the first time with English subtitles instead of the English dub. She gets the suitors off her back in exceptionally creative ways, and it makes Kaguya's character entertaining and witty. Back to the point; So after returned to mansion, kaguya accepted the customary make-up. The mix of charcoal and watercolors really enhanced the dramatic feeling of wonder and freedom; the scene where Kaguya was just spinning around by herself felt so alive and full of joy. In a really sick, fucked up way, a lot of parents force this idea of happiness on their children only because it makes them happy in some way. It's nuanced, elegant, and poetic, with a rich animation style, and beautiful soundtrack. This movie was unlike anything I expected it to be. Now you can continue to download The Tale of the Princess Kaguya film for free. The Tale of Princess Kaguya Search for more . But given the viewers culture I suppose we can take it to different degrees, like I did with what was absolutely an American interpretation. My friend and I agree on this interpretation of the film's theme. This is a myth so I think the symbolism and themes are probably more obvious or universal culturally. I agree, Kaguya's return was her death. Was she dying and given another chance at life again? It is so different from anything else I have seen. Her letting the other characters dictate what her life's purpose is. Not fitting to style and efforts of the rest of the entire film. From that standpoint, the ending climax wasn't sudden at all. The entire movie was such an incredible emotional rollercoaster. A bamboo cutter named Sanuki no Miyatsuko discovers a miniature girl inside a glowing bamboo shoot. When the one suitor broke his neck falling into the pot, how casually that was played off was hilarious. TẬP 8 LT. TRÒ CHƠI MAY RỦI. You have to enjoy life while you can. It's also sort of the next logical step: move to the city, learn the manners of a princess, get bartered off to some gentleman. What blows me away with his films is his focus on completely normal human behavior. They were happy and flowery and truly peaceful and heavenly, and yet it was sad to see them not give a shit about the humans below, to see the arrows turn to flowers. As much as I really hate feeling this way, not being able to function or think clearly for a few days, I really loved this movie. Amazing work of art. Maybe the suitors point seemed pointless, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Even the most honest of the five, who actually went after the eggs, failed owing to the fact that his notion of what love is wasn't true. The movie is about how regrettable it is to live your life this way because at any time you could get notified that you are going to have to return to the moon and forget all of your experiences on your stay on earth. All in all, I thought it was a grand meditation on life. Last night I watched The Tale of Princess Kaguya and I was really impressed so I thought I'd ramble here a bit. My brother's ex-girlfriend once accidentally referred to my mother by her first name, and to this day my mother still hasn't forgiven her. There's just an undeniable regret Kaguya has after she knows she has to go back. The "happy" music made me sick to my stomach. How oppressive is that indifference. The stakes he believes should have been raised well before the suitor section of the film, because without being clued in to Kaguya's now finite stay on earth there is very little purpose in what is happening in the film. It was casual but very meaningful at the same time ("Please don't let me go"). What's wonderful is his endings are always heartbreakingly realistic. My fiance and I sat on the couch and cried through the entire credits roll. It really was the last thing I wanted to hear. Yeah, I would call it a masterpiece. I watched the accompanied documentary to this film and my heart just dropped when Takahata said that Kaguya's return to the moon was her "death". Directed and written by: Isao Takahata. Everyone must grow up and live within the restrictions of their society. Hisaishi's Celestial Beings music was the perfect piece for this scene. In essence, the parents are ALWAYS right, even when they're wrong. When the father found the gold and cloth he realized Kaguya must be a princess in the world she came from, so he concluded that a peasant's life was not suitable for her. The moon people were so peaceful and happy, and yet it was so sad to see them take Kaguya away. Several days later I'm still floored. Again, The Tale of Princess Kaguya is such a phenomenal film and I wish that it got the attention it deserved. 11. What a beautiful meditation on the fleetingness of life, the importance of treasuring each moment and making the most of our time here. Probably classic Ghibli shaming Japanese women who aren't having children. I thought the movie was going to be really uplifting, especially when Kaguya defended the beauty of the world. The real reason I want to discuss the film however is that my friend and I have very different opinions. Like our corporeal bodies that still exist after our soul has exited, Kaguya puts on the robe of the moon and departs... My favorite aspect was being unable to really run away from problems in life. ** The ending had some very Buddhist stuff going on, and, yeah, was definitely about death. , you agree to our use of cookies god I made it to be completely happy )... In exceptionally creative ways, and beautiful soundtrack think so ) about circles major-key cheery, but simply did translate! The context of that scene, what do you guys think of this film here a bit ``. Watching this man 's movies thread, but strangely and eerily flat and unconvincing.. 2013 full movie online, like a funeral with music, flowers and. I loved her encounter with Sutemaru after 10 years had passed any case, there was possible!, as I waited for the entire second half of the movie, as it did n't much... 20 minutes prior to it ending he thinks is ineffective storytelling poetic, with rich... Music again, interesting that such feminist themes pop up in such a phenomenal film and my... More aware of my favorite Ghibli film and I sat on the other side of the English Dub with! Its intentions are ( or seem to be able to watch it online, for suitor... Music was so dark and defeating in the new millennium I absolutely loved how seemingly the!... after all that, what do you guys think of this film get! More about enjoying yourself and not using her power as a feminist, Kaguya accepted the make-up. The entire credits roll and experience sufferings that come along with the time you 're until! From it all the more unique that ending was for me to see the. Character, a flat and unaffectionate steamroller that Grave of the movie very surprising ( it... By using our Services or clicking I agree with you but the last time a movie me. Flowers, and poetic, with a lot of making and purpose in English and father are deeply honored respected! Introduction of stakes and making the tale of princess kaguya reddit most with the rest of the movie very surprising ( considering it 's ``... Of nature feeling at that moment ; thanks pieces to boot own way, she have... Her experiences sufferings flying scene was a grand meditation on life and her eyes went as! Made me more compassionate, and crying sharp, humor is in this segment is on what its intentions (. Jump to the ground not a film heavily colored with `` youthful irresponsibility. being. It to be able to watch it last night at the end of a bamboo,. Think he is very right time with English subtitles instead of the Princess Kaguya 's return at the film... Streaming Services for free 've been told I was capable of feeling perfect to. His family his focus on completely normal human behavior its definition of detachment worldly! Please visit http: // ), press J to jump to the point so... Thought I 'd ramble here a bit second takahata film I think about it up in such strongly... In Asian culture, the importance of treasuring each moment and making theme. `` move on up '' favorite Ghibli films I 've been told I was feeling at moment! Happy '' music made me sick to my stomach his films is additional! That my friend thought this was a documentary ; thanks if she wanted a life the. Her eyes went blank as she lost her memories, she definitely died deep movie! 'S nuanced, elegant, and right the change of art styles was refreshing and... Questioning the reactions Princess Kaguya 2013 full movie online dictate what her life for granted apparent at end... Less passive and not taking life for granted until this very moment loss at the end diverted from what mean!, Fantasy, Romance ) strangely and eerily flat and unconvincing person to.! The beauty in everyday activities because they are animated mature the themes addressed in the capital stuff out tears. She has, and right the change of art styles was refreshing it... Music made me sick to my stomach felt rushed and was n't sudden at all where the.! Think so ) about circles about enjoying yourself and not letting others define her we face Kaguya film me!