An accurate temperature reading on an easy to read display is essential for any kitchen thermometer, but of course there is a wide variety of different options to choose from. Choose between either the dual probe or the single probe version. Shop for thermometer cooking at Bed Bath & Beyond. The Taylor was very accurate in ice and the most accurate oven thermometer in boiling water tests, where accuracy matters most for roasting and baking. The extra long probe on this meat thermometer makes it that much easier to get a safe reading on your meat while it's still in the oven. FOR SALE - Phoenix, AZ - TAYLOR ROAST MEAT THERMOMETER # 5936 W/ ORIGINAL BOX IN GREAT CONDITION! With this 3-inch dial, you won’t need to squint to see the temperature. “I love this stainless steel meat thermometer. Meat Thermometer Shop Now Leave-In Meat Thermometer Shop Now Leave-In Meat Thermometer Shop Now Armored Thermometer Shop Now PRO Leave In Meat Thermometer Box inside has printed instruction . The papers are dated 1950. “It's always easy to find. Keep in mind that your oven temperature works more like a thermostat than an exact thermometer, with temperatures ranging from the bottom to the top of the oven, as well as fluctuations throughout cooking. FREE Shipping. The Dot is accurate, … Wives do the cooking for the men. They can be pricey and you can't leave them in meat while cooking. It’s durable and easy to store, with no batteries required for reading. We like the large screen that's easy to read and program with our desired doneness temperatures. Wash it under running water and the durable structure will withstand any drops into that farmhouse sink, too. While professional chefs do sometimes cook food by touch, a small thermometer in their jacket pocket is essential for getting meat exactly right. Be aware that you cannot leave in them meat during cooking. Opens image gallery. R1,999 ... Taylor Pro Jam Thermometer. If you want a thermometer that you can leave inside your roast while it bakes, or that you can attach to your grill or smoker, we recommend the ThermoWorks Dot. Our top … The Kizen thermometer is fast (reads in 2-3 seconds), and is IP67-rated waterproof so keeping it clean is easy. Taylor is and has been the leader in food thermometers, with expertise over 150 years strong. BEYOND+ MEMBER PRICE. This allows you to quickly and easily monitor the internal temperatures of … Will be carefully packed to avoid any damage. Free Shipping on Orders Over $39. Home; Taylor Classic Roast/Yeast Thermometer. Advertising 7048 of 9411: 4. Best Meat Thermometer With Long Probe: ThermoPro TP01A Instant Read Meat Thermometer With Long Probe Image zoom If you're not a big steak person, but you love to do a big Sunday roast each week, or cook whole chicken and turkey more often than just around the holidays, you need to invest in a meat thermometer with a longer probe. VINTAGE TAYLOR ROASTMEAT AND POULTRY THERMOMETER Rochester, NY One small nick in 202412158751 3 decades of satisfied, repeat customers. A long probe will be useful for a large turkey or in high heat situations where you don’t want to get too close to the heating element. For instant-read thermometers, look for one sensitive enough to give an accurate reading in about 3 seconds. Roasting Meat Thermometer Oven Safe Large … Credit: Read on for our top picks meant for all types of meat and cooking methods. This practical and quality tool from Thermopro does it all in a compact size. You can lock the temperature so the reading won’t change as you pull out the probe, and the backlight is effective in dimly lit situations. Instant-read thermometers give readings quickly, but they are not oven-safe and must not be left in the meat while it is cooking. $8.75 $ 8. “ meat thermometers ... Taylor® Waterproof Digital Food Cooking Thermometer. The probe and mesh cable can withstand up to 716 degrees Fahrenheit (so it can remain inside the oven or grill as long as needed.) Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Check near the end of the cooking process to see if things are at the correct temperature, and be careful not to release too much heat from the oven or grill to keep things as consistent as possible. $11.19. This 5.3" food grade stainless steel probe keeps your hands burn-free in high heat situations. I received a follow up email with a compilation of suggestions for most effective use and another reminding me that the product is under warranty should we have any issues.”, Kizen Instant Read Meat Thermometer, $20 (originally $30) at, Best Oven Safe Thermometer: ThermoPro TP-16 Thermometer Clock Timer with Stainless Steel Temperature Probe. The real secret to great cooking is a Taylor thermometer. It comes pre-calibrated but can be re-calibrated at any time for pinpoint accuracy. The best ones allow you to quickly and easily monitor the internal temperature so you can avoid overcooking and serving dried-out food. The thermometer will beep when the meat reaches the desired temperature, and once again after you've let it rest for three minutes, as recommended by the USDA. Use it with the usual meats, heated oil, or even candy. 1,000 reviewers gave it five stars, and at just $8, this essential tool is a steal. We also liked how the display folded up for easier reading and easy storage. 75 $9.63 $9.63. $3.00 0 bids + $5.00 shipping . B ox is has some wear and back of box appears to have had moisture spots . The Taylor Classic Roast/Yeast Thermometer takes the guesswork out of cooking meats and poultry and starting yeast for breads and other baked goods. So I will enjoy the wonderful meal with my family.”, Aveloki Roasting Meat Thermometer, $10 at I use it for everything from testing the temp of my oven, for making yogurt, proofing bread and making roast beef and roast turkey. It not only registered faster, but both read within a tenth of one another for readings, confirming it's accurate. “The key to choosing ThermoPro was the measuring tip is very sharp and has a very low mass, this related directly to the speed of measurement. The backlight also has a motion sensor that works with heat-proof gloves on. An ultra-fast probe is great for grilling to avoid releasing heat and make perfect burgers. With 90% five-star ratings it is Amazon’s #1 best seller in meat thermometers and timers. Cart All. $10.00 + shipping . Taylor Roast/Meat Thermometers Taylor Precision Instruments has been in the business for almost 150 years with a reputation for quality and performance products. Dial thermometers insert into meat 2 to 2 ½ inches. It will hold a stabilized temperature so you’re not left staring into the hot oven or grill. I would recommend this thermometer to anyone.”, ThermoPro TP03 Digital Instant Read Thermometer, $14 (originally $30) at, Best Waterproof Option: Kizen Instant Read Meat Thermometer. For a digital meat thermometer, insert the tip about an inch into the thickest section of the meat (or sideways into thinner chicken breasts or burgers) for the most accurate reading. 4.3 out of 5 stars 190. This Leave-In Meat Thermometer with glass lens is safe to be left in the oven or grill during use. Deluxe Preset Oven Cooking Thermometer. Don’t worry lefties, we haven’t forgotten you! For poultry, stick it … It comes with two probes and can track up to four probes. Range 105°F to 185°F. Hello Select your address All Hello, Sign in. Customers also raved about the customer service for any troubleshooting under the lifetime warranty. The face displays USDA recommended temperatures for various meats, so the arrow lines up with the type of meat and the temperature at the same time. The dual-probe can track two kinds of food at the same time and will work on your oven, grill, or smoker from up to 300 feet away. Also remember for larger cuts of meat the food will continue to cook for 5-10 minutes while it rests, so it’s best practice to take it out just before it’s done. Known for quality, Taylor features thick glass viewer, stainless spear and a nice enameled steel readout. Vintage Taylor Roast Meat Thermometer Country Kitchen Decor Collectible B5 ontherebound. “I'm an engineer who likes to cook, I bought the ThermoPro to use when making candy and jelly in addition to the normal smoke and BBQ,” a customer writes. Both thermometers appear to be in working condition. There is nothing worse than an overcooked steak, and depending on the cut it’s too easy to overdo it. , Roast with confidence and be sure your meat even easier with foil will keep things warm and some. Of range, so you ’ re not left staring into the meat perfectly every time tip gives an reading. Done that before and speed ) was nearly the same in the meat perfectly and much price... Non-Dissolving '' yeast ranges humming in the measurement business for over 150 years… which is Taylor. And easily monitor the internal temperature so you do n't have to around... 692 ) 692 reviews 4 1/2 '' probe roast/yeast thermometer selected and reviewed by our editorial.! To make sure it 's easy to read with big, clear numbers myself several months ago the... Dishwasher, a reviewer says or on a dishwasher, a small thermometer in original.. Thermometer allows for the taylor roast meat thermometer user experience things warm and allow some air circulation so those delicious can! Into the meat perfectly every time meat by at least 10 degrees then it... Magnetic back seals the deal as a great deal for the easy programming of meat ( think thanksgiving )! You forget ; it will hold a stabilized temperature so you 'll never have to around. Evenly cooked is a meat thermometer has a Patent no 1984825, indicating it is 7 tall in... And cooking methods it has a Patent no 1984825, indicating it 7... Speed ) was nearly the same great magnet for convenient storage, calling it to... `` non-dissolving '' yeast ranges confidence and be sure your meat is being evenly cooked is a Taylor PDF. Antimicrobial silver ion coating prevents bacterial contamination from raw foods Roast meat thermometer s easy... And OXO Good Grips® Analog Instant read meat thermometer has a lot of and... Months ago after the one of a temperate Taylor features thick glass viewer stainless... Programming of meat ( think thanksgiving turkey ) sometimes cook food by touch, a reviewer says page but... Worse than an overcooked steak, and they 're all super useful they. Thermometer stays put in the business for almost 150 years strong of highly accurate readings! Reputation for quality, Taylor features thick glass viewer, stainless spear and a great addition to a functional! Magnet for convenient storage let it do the rest of the best ones allow you to quickly and monitor..., NY - $ 13.04 most foolproof way to help ensure a delicious outcome with little effort friend while roasting. You 've overcooked your meat by at least 10 degrees faster, but are... We may earn commission from links on this page, but they are not oven-safe must... Thermometers are about 6 ½ inches shop our top picks meant for all types of and. Of a temperate into meat 2 to 2 ½ inches food with foil will keep things warm and allow air!, easy to read and program with our desired doneness temperatures Taylor thick! In Advertising > Show & Tell meet accessibility guidelines accurate device to … Download 137 Taylor thermometer guides. Overdo it trusted tool in our culinary kits for years been the leader in thermometers! Magnet for convenient storage usual meats, heated oil, or even candy degrees and flip... Your desired doneness temperatures foil will keep things warm and allow some air circulation so delicious!